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facing_kate (this comm) is not being updated. If you haven't moved to the new comm, there's a lot you've missed.

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USA has announced that Fairly Legal will premiere on January 20, 2011 at 10 pm, after Royal Pains.

That makes the name change official. And so, because I am too cheap to rename this comm I opened a new one:


Please go join that, because once the show starts gearing up promotion, only the handful of us here will know what it used to be called.

Possible Name Change
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It's being bandied about that the show's name is being changed to Fairly Legal. Per USA, the change isn't official.

I'm not terribly surprised I guess, since several of the questions at the TCAs and the set visit were about the title and what it meant. So I'm sure USA has always been a bit iffy on it. But it's too bad they're picking something which is more generic.

I will rename/move the comm if it comes about that the change is confirmed, but I'd hate to change it and find out that no, it's REALLY going to be called "Kate's Wacky Legal Adventures" or, y'know, whatever.

Clearly I got excited a little TOO early...

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Found through the marvels of google, someone in Hungary uploaded the promo!


here's a copy I uploaded to YT, because that Hungary site is pathetically slow.


BTS Photos: Filming in Vancouver, Sep 19, 2010
'Covert Affairs'
Lots of new behind-the-scenes pictures!

Filming in Vancouver, Sep 19
(Photos by Nigel Horsley)

More at Nigel Horsley's photostream (flickr)

Recurring cast addition
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Adding to the amazing tv veterans this show keeps adding to its recurring cast, Gerald McRaney has a recurring role (as what, I don't know). He's been in Vancouver twice, with more appearances possible.


More set photos
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This time from Spoiler TV. The title says transcript, too, but the transcripts are being restricted still by USA. *sad*

This set of pics includes the same photo of Trucco, some pics of what I presume is Kate's office and one of Sarah Shahi at the conference table, looking adorable: (click to embiggen)

sarah shahi,facing kate

The rest at Spoiler TV

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At least one pic has surfaced from the Blogger Set Visit.

one of Michael TruccoCollapse )

You're welcome. :)

Order of episodes trimmed
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Deadline Hollywood is reporting:
USA has cut the order for upcoming series 'Facing Kate' from 12 to 10 episodes because of scheduling reasons. The series, originally slated for a Q4 debut, will now launch in Q1 2011.

Which is a bit of a bummer, but hopefully this news is in time to tighten the back end scripts to build to the finale.

Here, this is from the previous group, but I find it adorable:

Best divorce ever? y/y? *g*

Some Location Pictures
Winter is the Time of the Wolves

There were some pretty Facing Kate set pics of Sarah Shahi and Michael Trucco filming a scene last week that were published in the Vancouver press,  Here  And Here.   Take a look.  They're very cute.

Some Pretty Sample Pics This Way,,,Collapse )


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